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DACRON WAVE LEECH TAPE Reduce wear and tear from leech flutter

Worn out mainsails are prone to leech breakdown, which results in leech flutter and creasing, dramatically reducing the efficient life of a mainsail. New from PSP Marine Tapes, is the Dacron Wave Tape, which is a self adhesive Dacron cloth edging, which is designed to be applied to the leech of the mainsail to help reduce flutter and breakdown.

The tape is easy to apply to a clean dry surface, by removing the backing strip and pressing the tape down firmly onto the leech of the sail. The tape becomes waterproof once the adhesive has set, normally within an hour at room temperature.

Technical pack details:
Roll width: 75mm
Roll length: 3m
3 colours available: White, Black and Gold

PSP Marine Tapes produce products to meet the discerning requirements of the boating world; in this instance to provide a top quality Dacron tape which reduces wear and tear from leech flutter. This is part of ongoing development to make sure that PSP's specialist products work for their customers and that they have the right solution to hand for on board repairs or safety. Further products for sail repair include Dacron sail repair patches, spinnaker repair tape and Kevlar or Mylar sail repair tapes. All PSP products are easy to find anywhere in the world - just look for the logo, which is the international code flags 'Papa, Sierra, Papa'.

Availability: Via retailers and commercial distributors worldwide. If you experience difficulties obtaining Dacron Wave Tape, then please contact PSP direct.