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Important Message to Superyacht Captains –
Get it Taped!

PSP Marine Tapes have recently included a specific page for Captains of superyachts on their brand new website. On this page each Captain can look at specialised marine tapes which meet regulatory requirements or have a look at other products which could prove extremely useful.

PSP are offering a FREE sample pack to Captains who register online, who will then receive a sample pack and description of applications. Quantities can vary and PSP aim to provide exactly what is required for each individual superyacht whether power or sail and are therefore able to provide quotations for larger orders sent direct to where the yacht will next stop over.

Industrial and commercial tapes are available to superyachts, such as Spray Stop, Leak Stop and Leak Patches, along with a number of visible marking tapes for exit routes and stairways. Two UV resistant tapes are part of this range – UV Resistant Duck Tape and UV Resistant Spreader Tape.

PSP tapes are all put through rigorous testing and extensive trials to ensure that exactly the right glue or adhesive is used for each product. This ensures that the means of adhesive bond will not break down following application and that the outdoor products are far less likely to suffer degradation in extreme UV. When each product is tested, it is also put through maximum and minimum temperature tolerances to allow for applications in most parts of the world.

PSP Marine Tapes produce products to meet the discerning requirements of the marine world. This is part of ongoing development to make sure that PSP’s specialist products work for their customers and that they have the right solution to hand. Specialist products are available to superyachts, as well as the industrial and commercial tapes and those which comply with regulatory requirements. All PSP products are easy to find anywhere in the world – just look for the logo, which is the international code flags ‘Papa, Sierra, Papa’.

For technical and specialist enquiries please email:

Via retailers and commercial distributors worldwide. If you experience difficulties, then please contact PSP direct.