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Leak Repair - Overview

Maximum repair in minimal time!

Repairing, strengthening, insulating and protecting tubes, pipes and hoses is a significant task for maintaining commercial, home and leisure facilities.

Sudden leaking pipes/vessels can be costly in time and resources. It may mean lost production time or costly time in repairing or replacing and organising specialist repairs, or simply wasting a precious resource such as water.

AquaFix®  Solutions offer a range of easy, low cost emergency and permanent repair solutions which require no specialist tools or training to apply. Repairs to leaks can be made without delay and with minimal cost. Whether you have a large pipe repair or a small leak in a gutter tray to take care of, we have a solution that can be applied in minutes, even large pipe repairs are effected and fully cured in less than 1 hour.

Using a unique blend of high specification materials, a solution exists for every occasion from rapidly stopping a leak under pressure to a permanent repairs that will outlast the original pipework.

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