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The range of applications for repairs to pipes, tubes and hoses is vast and applies to commercial, industrial, leisure and home use.

Leaking fluid and gas pipes - easy and permanent repairs to pipes for a variety of pipe sizes with Quick Wrap repair kits.

Underwater repair - repairs may be made under water with Quick Wrap repair tape and Quick Steel putty and Rapid Stop Silicon.

Flat panels - repairs of boats, guttering, tanks, drums, vessels and channelled surfaces with Quick Patch repair kit and Quick Steel putty.

Home and leisure - Emergency and permanent repairs of cold and hot water pipes, garden hoses, guttering, roof racks, domestic appliances, garden features, swimming pools, flat panel roofs, water butts, trailers and much more.

Marine and offshore - Emergency and durable repairs at sea of pipes and flat surfaces. Being equipped and prepared for emergencies when off shore is critical.

Electrical insulation - Insulating bare wires or securing connections as good practise requires durable and high voltage tape properties and Rapid Stop Silicon is the solution.

Industrial machinery, tubes and pipes - fast, strong and durable repairs are required to prevent delays in production from leaking fluid or gas and when replacement is not viable or not immediately available.

Building services - commercial building and production sites with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and general repairs all require fast, easy and durable repairs with the AquafFix range of easy and permanent repair products.

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